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Cinta Ramadan 2014 Full Movie

Cinta Ramadan [2014] Cerekarama Telemovie

Published on Jul 24, 2014

Danny, a charming enterprising marketing executive instills practicality and materialistic principles and mindsets towards his way of life that repels the ideology his out of time pious father, Ismail strongly believes in. A clashing of principles give way to a dreadful argument between them which only serves as a catalyst to provoke Danny’s prolonged intention to leave home, a decision that will overthrow his passive mother, Kamariah into a solitary realm of life condition at home and questions the indulgence of his father’s eccentric undertakings of being a holier-than-thou.

Danny lands on a huge project at work that will accentuate his gateway for a promotion. He is paired up with Natrah, a modest yet brightly menacing newcomer to the company that sole existence further shaken both Rizal, Danny’s best friend intention to go head above shoulder from Danny in the promotion and Zurina, Danny’s constant, hopeless admirer’s grasp on channeling his undivided attention towards her.

With Danny and Natrah in one team, Rizal and Zurina in another, Danny finds himself in a watershed transition from his old ways to cater to his unexplained attraction towards Natrah as they collaborate in the project coinciding with the month of Ramadhan. Oblivious to his newly grown fondness of Natrah, Danny’s threshold plunges into a series of obstacles plotted by Rizal and Zurina that directs him into a buttoned up fa├žade of Natrah, thus, obscuring his depiction of her.

Will Danny’s realization of Rizal’s betrayal in an eminent project proposal, an abrupt collapse of Natrah in one of the company’s functions and an encased letter embracing her bedridden silence from Nazri, Natrah’s brother following her comatose pin Danny down to a crossroad lifting him into a point of no return? Or will time be on Natrah’s side enabling Danny to dig deep, pushing his inferior ego over him and express his grave gratitude and seemingly noble love to Natrah?

The last night of the Ramadhan month stands in between Danny’s reconciliation with his family. The curtain of the holy month is almost down. The melancholic tone of the ‘Takbir’ blankets the solemn house of Ismail and Kamariah as they await the longing return of their beloved son home. Will Danny’s absence at home all this while coin an invigorating poised prospective between religion and current life affairs in Ismail for the betterment of their rancid relationship?

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